3D and Social Games Development

ELIT cluster has a growing team of passionate game developers and designers specializing in 3D and social game development.
We use Unity game engine for most of our projects. It allows us to deliver projects fast and target multiple platforms (iPhone, Android, Web, Win/Mac). Our team is familiar with Unity game engine and our experience ranges from triple A games to real-time graphics mobile applications
We’ve delivered:

Paparazzi – 1st place winner of Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality Developer Challenge.

You become paparazzi who have to make money by taking pictures of celebrities trapped in Augmented Reality world. Celebrities hate paparazzi so as you get closer and snap more pictures of this superstar, he becomes angry and tries to break your camera. When he is really pissed off he will even jump on your phone. The only thing you can do then is try to shake him, otherwise your camera will be damaged (and cameras cost a lot of money).