Enterprise software solutions

Enterprise Software Solutions

For situations where standard software products don‘t do enough, custom enterprise solution is the best answer. With ten years of experience in custom enterprise software development, ELIT Cluster can provide you with a quality solution within a reasonable time frame and budget.
We are a great enterprise software development partner because:

We love to tackle difcult hardware and legacy systems integration problems.
We don‘t build black boxes – we use thin clients and SOA backends.
We‘ve built company-wide solutions on open source platforms at multiple small and medium companies.
How we can help:

We can analyse, design, manage, develop and support your enterprise software solutions, ranging from small but critical components to company-wide systems.
Leverage us if you need to add integration skills to your team. We can integrate with banks, payment gateways, niche hardware and much more.
Project highlights
Print Shop Franchise ERP system (Printera.com)

Challenge: Printera is an outsourced printing services provider, operating a franchise business model. A complete, but cost-effective ERP solution was needed to run the entire business of for a rapidly growing number of printing franchises.
Solution: We delivered a solution to support all business processes of printing shops across many countries, manage a large installed base of printers, using open source platforms. The solution today manages more than 10 000 printers.
We’ve also delivered:

A drag-and-drop new application design GUI for SAP.
An integrated ERP solution for running Cable TVs.
An invoice generation system for a mobile operator.
A direct debit/automated payments collection gateway a mobile operator.
A BloombergTM content publishing system.