Agmis goes Africa with powered Cloud computing solutions

2016.01.07, Kaunas

Lithuanian capital IT company Agmis, which celebrated its eighth birthday in the beginning of December, does not limit itself only to Lithuanian market. During the first year of performance, outsourced projects were implemented in Lithuania, Germany and England. Currently Agmis IT professionals provide programming services in twenty countries around the world, four different continents. The company successfully works with African countries in the field of telecommunication since 2010. At the moment company is providing system development and customization services for the six African countries: Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Morocco, Tanzania and Kenya. Last year, company‘s gross revenue from the African continent reached 25%.

The lack of process standardization is the main challenge facing many companies in the world, including African countries. Different departments, branches or even individual employees of the large enterprises are using different forms of sales or customer call reports, therefore quality of customer service is affected, it is difficult to coordinate tasks performed by employees, also time and business opportunities are lost.

Cloud computing-based contact management platform Salesforce has already become popular around the world. It can be used for efficient customer services, help increase sales, perform analysis, etc. It helps standardize business processes in the large companies, ensure a high standard of customer service, saving time and money. However, usage of the Salesforce is not widespread in Lithuanian companies yet.

By solving the challenges of standardization processes in African companies, Agmis applied Salesforce platform according to corporate business processes. An excellent example could be the world’s leading steel and mining company ArcelorMittal, which globally employs 232 000 workers. Improved standard Salesforce functionality, allowed ArcelorMittal workers become more efficient: they are able to quickly review the profiles of the company’s customers, competitors and partners. In these profiles, employee is able to find all the necessary contacts, individual tasks assigned for a particular employee, moreover performance status and results can be monitored by the colleagues. These improvements of the Salesforce quickly and easily applied across all enterprise. Contact management platform Salesforce is connected with SAP, which is already used by the company, as well as other internal systems. These changes enabled ArcelorMittal accelerate performance of the tasks, avoid duplication of the same functions, influence better customer service.

The universal contact management system Salesforce has been applied in a number of African companies, operating in different business sectors. For the private health insurance company in South Africa Republic, which takes care of six million customers on four continents, there was a customer database created using the platform of Salesforce. It allowed more efficient and faster customer services, schedule tasks, assign these tasks to a particular employee and track status and results of the performance. It helped saving insurance company’s human resources, improved quality of customer service.

During the working process with African companies, it is noticed that companies are very interested in the latest and most advanced technologies and are focused on the introduction of these in their companies.